I loved the location, the music, the relaxed atmosphere, the very well trained rabbi and the wonderful music. I liked that it was more or less informal and that students could come for free.

The services were extremely welcoming and accessible. There was a wonderful combination of the familiar and exotic (prayers, new music). Music was outstanding without becoming the focal point. Also, the length of services was just about perfect.

Everything flowed well, was not "stuffy", allowed participation, and friendly.

Liked the rabbi. Love that it is open to the whole community.

We enjoyed the combination of both English and Hebrew parts. Nice melodies, as well. Also, the setting was gorgeous.

The music and the message were just right. Both are current and relevant.

People were very friendly and the music was soothing and the ambiance was beautiful.

Both locations were visually beautiful. Praying on the edge of the Gulf outdoors enabled me to feel one with my Higher Power.

I loved the music. Liked the "renewal" flavor of the service. Rabbi was excellent and humble. The view and location at Selby was spectacular.

Enjoyed the rabbi and the singing and instruments.

We appreciated nearly everything.

I really liked the intimacy, participation, youth cantor, and ruach.

The music was inspiring, and the rabbi's approach to be so inclusive was much appreciated. We also thought the setting at Selby Gardens was beautiful.

The music. The length. The setting. All fabulous.

The overall feeling at the services was very welcoming. The music was pleasant and not overbearing. I liked the Rabbi's approach. Overall, a very nice service. We would do it again if we are in the area visiting mom for the holidays.

The Rabbi was wonderful, warm and thoughtful. The music was my favorite part of the services, so uplifting and full of the holiday spirit. The location was beautiful too.

The music, interpretation of the Torah, and the open aliyahs were wonderful.

The spirit of the musical parts was my favorite.

Comfortable, low key service - warm and welcoming.

A well organized warm and welcoming service in a beautiful and comfortable environment with a nice mix of Hebrew and English prayers, readings, music and song while remaining within a traditional framework.

We liked everything...starting with the setting. The rabbi and soloist provided a calming leadership. The musicians were outstanding. The rabbi was terrific in her approach by explaining so much of the service. Also, it is unusual for a rabbi to be able to translate into English directly from the Torah.

It was a real mitzvah for so many unaffiliated Jews to have this opportunity to pray together, without the weight of "buying a ticket" at a local temple.

Stunning location; welcoming feeling.

The emphasis, the music, the view, the casualness.

The openness, peacefulness, inclusiveness and simplicity.

The Rabbis are wonderful! Shoshana is so earnest and sweet with a "real world" sensibility that is beyond charming. She simply invites engagement. Ilan provides such a nice counterpoint. He reminds me of kind of a wandering Jewish minstrel rabbi with various rhythm instruments attached to each extremity! 

Together they seem like old rabbinical school pals who are having a fun reunion. What has amazed me is the intimacy of the services - it feels so very personal and deep. I realize that no one knew exactly what to expect, but so far, it's far exceeded what I had in mind. Thanks for everything! Looking forward to next week.

Congratulations on a successful holiday! I am sure it was pleasing for you to see the whole room filled this morning.

If your objective was to produce an engaging and meaningful celebration of the High Holidays…mission accomplished. What a special service.

The services exceeded all my expectations; they weren't just good, they were great! Next year, I am bringing my parents here from Long Island.

Thanks for all these wonderful thoughts. I found the services to be exceptional. I just loved it. The rabbis were wonderful, and you could feel the warmth in the room and in the lobby. I wish Rav Shoshana was here full time. She had such an incredible spiritual aura about her. See you Tuesday night.

Just to let you know how much we enjoyed the services last week. We are bringing friends on Tues. night. Thanks for organizing this service.

I attended the Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur services and want to thank all of those who made these services possible. While I belong to and fully support a local Reform Synagogue, I sometimes miss the intimacy and opportunity to fully participate that I found in these services. I believe that there is a need in the Sarasota Jewish Community for alternatives to the institutional approach. We need both, and I am pleased to see an effort being made in this direction. I hope that the success of this endeavor will lead to other meaningful experiences along the same lines. Please add my email address to your list of interested Jewish Sarasota locals and let me know if I can help in your efforts as they develop.

Thank you for what you made possible for my family and everyone else who participated in the new services this year. Shabbat Shalom and good yontif.

To all involved in making these services happen, our family can't thank you enough. These were the nicest services we have be to in years. Maybe ever. It elevated our High Holiday experience tremendously. So thank you so much. We are certain you impacted many in our community, but we are here to thank you for impacting our lives and our Jewish experience. Yasher Koach!

The rabbis were wonderful! Each could have stood alone and presented a great service. Together, they were just spectacular. They complemented one another so very well. I think, just by observing the attendance, that this really rills a need in the community. You all did a mitzvah! Are future services being planned? I wish you and yours a healthy and happy New Year.